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Twelve Gauge Designs ™: is a established business with over 20 years experience in providing large and small retailers all over the world with our merchandise. We are not just another .com gift store, we are the designer, manufacturer and soon you will be able to visit our own Twelve Gauge Retail Store. With the opening of we can now provide our complete collection direct to you. We would like to address any concerns you may have about shopping online with ™:


Twelve Gauge Designs will not sell or use your private information for anything other than processing your order, period. We want you to come back and visit anytime and where you shop is your business.


We make it easy to purchase gifts online and deliver them anywhere, in Texas style. You can add a Texas notecard imprinted with your private message to any order. 24 hours a day. No matter what your gift selection, we'll carefully package it all together and off it goes - it's that easy!


We stand behind every one of our products that we design and manufacture. We have an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee on every sale. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, call us toll-free on (877) 465-6563 or email us at All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.


Note: If your order arrives damaged take the following steps.


1. If the delivery driver is still there make sure he notes that the package is damaged or just refuse the shipment and they will send it back to us. Please advise us by email that the package was refused or damaged.


1. Save all packaging materials. This includes shipping label that has tracking number on box.

2. Call us at 877-465-6563 or email us at info

3. Provide your full name, address, phone number, order number, and tracking number (located on shipping label) and email this info to us.

4. When we receive claim number from our shipping company we will promptly reship your order.


Twelve Gauge Designs utilizes the online security features provided by Yahoo!. You can place your orders with us in confidence. If you prefer, mail us a check, money order or call us toll-free (877-465-6563) with your credit card information. Note: When ordering any item, you enter the secure features of our site. Upon returning to the shopping section you may receive a warning that "you are about to visit a non-secure site". You may receive this notice when you leave our secure order processing area and return to the shopping section.


We ship most orders within two to three business days. Some items may take longer than that. You will receive a link via email that allows you to track each order from our store - right to the door of the delivery address that you specify. (This tracking feature is not available for certain foreign countries or US military bases outside the US).


We have set up our site for ease of shopping. Buttons for primary departments are located on the left-hand side of your screen. Below the shopping sections are additional Information and Service links for your convenience. Some departments contain additional sections. Give us some feedback on any improvements that we can make!

Thank you for visiting ™: , we hope that you'll return again and tell others about our great store!